An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python - Assignment Programs

These are the assignment programs submitted in "An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python" course conducted by Professors Joe Warren, Scott Rixner, John Greiner, Stephen Wong of
Rice University in Coursera.

Professor Scott Rixner has built this ingenious website Codeskulptor which intreprets the Python programs and runs them online.. He also made a Python package simplegui used in this website, sadly these programs will run only in this website.. I'm adding the program links to codeskulptor...

These programs work as per the guidelines specified by the Professors.. Neither more nor less....

Mini Project - I : Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

Mini Project - II : Guess the Number Game

Mini Project - III : Stopwatch game

Mini Project - IV : Pong game

Mini Project - V : Memory game  (It has a bug.. Will correct and update it soon)

Mini Project - VI : Black Jack Game

Mini Project - VII : Asteroids Game

final grade
My final grade


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